The Mortal Fires

Undercover Elementals, Book Two

The Mortal Fires by Anna Durand

The Series

Undercover Elementals

  1. The Mortal Falls
  2. The Mortal Fires
  3. The Mortal Tempest *

* upcoming


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Jacobsville Books

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November 14, 2017

A pragmatic human gifted with powerful magic…

Lindsey Porter may be a mere mortal, but six weeks ago she proved she’s a force to be reckoned with after destroying the mad king of the sylphs. Now she’s stuck with magical powers she doesn’t understand and isn’t sure she wants. Worse, someone has begun kidnapping and murdering young women, all of whom bear an eerie resemblance to Lindsey.

An enemy fueled by stolen magic…

Someone with immense power has set his sights on destroying Nevan. Lindsey will risk everything to unmask the perpetrator, yet discovering the truth will test Nevan and Lindsey’s powerful bond like never before.  As dire events converge on them, Lindsey’s only hope for saving her lover and herself may lie in the ragtag allies they assemble to battle their most frightening enemy yet.

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A breeze wafted past me, carrying with it a faint and unpleasant odor reminiscent of ammonia. It dissipated in seconds, though, and I hadn’t gotten a good enough whiff to identify the smell.

I turned in a circle within the vortex, scanning the woods for the source of the false sensation that had drawn me here. The woods were quiet—too quiet. No chattering squirrels or rustling of the wind through the leaves.

How could someone or something fool me into thinking Nevan was coming? My connection with him fueled the sensation. I had no similar connection with any other living thing. Of course, I was living among magical beings who sneaked into the mortal realm undercover, often posing as mortals. I had no clue how many elementals walked among us mere mortals.

Twigs cracked at my left one after another, amid stumbling footfalls and the panting, whimpering breaths of a distressed individual.

I spun toward the sound and shoved my hand under my shirt to close it around the grip of the handgun holstered inside the waistband of my jeans. The Bond Arms Mini derringer was small enough to fit inside my palm but let me fire .357 rounds as well as shotgun shells, thanks to its interchangeable barrels. I hoped I wouldn’t need either today, but I rested my hand on the gun just in case.

A girl staggered out of the woods and stopped several feet away, her body shaking, eyes wild and golden brown hair disheveled. Her large blue eyes flicked to me, and she froze. Her pallid skin grew whiter.

“Lindsey,” the girl said, her voice dry and brittle.

“Do I know you?” Pretty sure I didn’t, but she gaped at me like I was her long-lost relative.

A chill swept over my skin. This girl resembled me. Not like we were twins, but enough we could’ve passed for sisters. The pale girl gasping for air was more slender, where I had curves, and looked younger but otherwise…

The girl scuffled closer and stretched out one ghost-white, dirt-encrusted hand to me. Her face had transformed into a mask, as if she were drugged or entranced.

“You don’t belong,” she intoned. “You never will. Accept your fate or the forces allying against you will consume your power and your soul.”

Praise for The Mortal Fires

Although The Mortal Fires is the second book in the series, I just dove straight in, intrigued by the plot, and hooked from the first lines. […] Packed with suspense, mystery, romance, and that gnawing feeling of dread, The Mortal Fires will compel you to read page after page.

K.J. Simmill

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