Reborn to Conquer

Reborn, Part Four

Reborn to Conquer by Anna Durand


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$2.99 (ebook)

78 pages

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Jacobsville Books

Release Date

September 30, 2016

A resurrected mummy. A reincarnated warrior. A living curse bent on revenge.

Dawn and Jake Maxwell aren’t your average newlyweds. Murdered and mummified in ancient Egypt, Dawn was regenerated by scientists — but she was reborn thanks to Jake’s ardent, everlasting devotion to her. In their past lives, Jake served as her guardian, but their illicit love affair destroyed them both, thanks to the curse laid down by their ancient enemy, Anton Vahl. The curse drove them apart for eternity, or so their foe believed. But passion never dies, and love cannot be contained.

Now, with their foe dead, the worst should be over for Jake and Dawn. Yet the curse Vahl set in motion lives on and hungers for vengeance. Their scorching passion for each other may be all that stands between them and total devastation.

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Jake slipped his arms around her waist to tug her close. “No one is ever taking you away from me again. You can count on that.”

And she knew she could, with unfailing conviction. But the mere thought of becoming a lab rat again had her swallowing against a tightness in her throat. Vahl had vowed to mine the secrets of her rebirth from her body. Would another scientist stumble onto his research and set out to do the same? Once a lab rat, always a lab rat, eh?

Jake bent to murmur in her ear. “You’re safe.”

She shut her eyes and let herself revel in the feel of him, warm and solid, his arms encircling her with his strength, his breaths teasing the sensitive skin just below her ear. Delicious heat burgeoned inside her, the familiar desire that ever simmered beneath the surface. No other man, in any time, held the power to affect her this way. It was…wonderful.

The glow of the sun, bright behind her eyelids, gave way to a gloom that swept over them. Thunder growled. A strange awareness prickled her skin, raising the hairs, and she opened her eyes.

Thunderclouds loomed overhead, swiftly consuming the sky. They hung dark and heavy, purple and blue and gray, like a great bruise in the heavens. A wind whipped up around them, swirling dust and bits of detritus. Jake stiffened against her.

“Do you feel it?” she whispered.

“Yes. I don’t understand…”

“Neither do I. But something is coming.”

Westenra had twisted his torso around to stare at the storm, one hand raised to shield his eyes. His lips were tight, his face was pinched. His eyes darted, as if hunting for some kind of sign in the clouds.

The wind died in a split second. The storm cloud began to roil and spin, its base morphing into a lumpy mass, darkening to near black.

“In the car,” Jake said, dragging her toward the Jeep. They piled in with Jake behind the wheel, Dawn in the passenger seat, and Westenra in the back. Jake seized her seat belt and yanked it down to click it into place. “Hold on. This might get bumpy.”

She leaned forward to stare up at the sky through the windshield. Her heart thudded. The entire sky had gone pure black, with whirling tendrils of deep blue and purple fanning out from the base of the storm. A strange energy crackled in the air, even inside the car. The hairs all over her body lifted, and her mouth went dry. Something ancient and evil lurked inside the thunderhead, something terrible beyond imagining, and though she had no explanation for her certainty, the truth of it rang inside her.


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